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Preparing for a Great Build!


There is no limit on how big your team can be; however there can only be 12 people on your plot (including your architect) at a time. Team members must be 12 years of age to participate. It is helpful to have as many team members as possible to allow for breaks. For questions regarding your team, please contact


April 15th, 5:30 pm
Sand Blast kicks off Sand in the City. Teams and architects meet, receive event packets, plot assignments, and set up their meeting calendars to prepare for Sand in the City competition on September 7, 2018

Practice dates to be determined.
Come prepared to try out sculpting techniques at Hands on Sand. Experienced sand sculptors are available for assistance, demonstrations, and questions. Please RSVP at Your entire team does not need to attend the same session, just send a head count of how many will be at each.

August 1 - September 7
Sign up for a 4 hour shift at Galveston to practice building your sand sculpture! Your team may sign up for 2 shifts initially. After all teams have had the opportunity to use the practice site, your team may return for additional practice times. Please remember - Your team will be responsible for clean up before you leave the site, and don’t forget to bring your own tools!

Steps to Successful Sculptures

1. Concept: The team & architect meet to brainstorm design concepts.

2. Sketches: Architects and team members prepare rough sketches to help the team visualize the sand sculpture. Architects help ensure that the design is buildable.

3. Drawings: Architects prepare scale drawings of the sculpture and list the specific form sizes needed to construct the sand sculpture using 5.0 cubic yards of sand or less.

4. Clay Models: An optional model in clay is helpful as a guide while sculpting the sand.

5. Form Construction/Tools: Teams have the responsibility of building the forms and collecting necessary tools.

6. Designs Due August 1st: Architects submit scale drawings, form sizes, and calculations on total volume of sand needed to build the design.

7. Day of Event Plan: Develop a strategy for building day. Plan for delivery of forms/tools, pound-up, rough sculpting, detail sculpting, grooming of plots, and removal of all forms and equipment by 4 pm, September 7th.

8. Event Day: September 7th Building 9 AM - 4 PM. Awards announced at 5 pm, at Silver Street. Each team has an assigned sand plot and has 6 hours to build. Forms may be laid out prior to the event start time. Impact NW provides lunches and beverages for each team.

T-shirts, lunches, snacks, water, and sports drinks will be provided to all participating team members.

Teams will be assigned arrival times for the morning of September 7th, between 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM. Each team may bring one vehicle into Silver Street to deliver needed sand forms and tools. Please be on time! We encourage the rest of your team to carpool or ride share. Once again, please be sure ALL tools are labeled.

Please keep all tools, forms, equipment, and team members inside the work area. Public access around the perimeter is crucial.

12 FT X 14 FT (note: 12 ft is the N/S side of your plot and 14 ft is the E/W side of your plot). Please remove extra sand from around your finished sculpture. Team members are responsible for transporting extra sand to the Display Sculpture area. Wheelbarrows and workers will be available to assist with this. Do not spread extra sand on your plot, as it is needed to construct a successful display sculpture.

ITC will pair you with a Sand Coach and Architect if you would like, and provide 5 cubic yards of sand and water. Please do not take water from Silver Street. Five cubic yards of sand is determined by the total volume of sand needed to fill the sand forms, not from the finished sculpture. Teams must provide their own tools.

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